Our Vision

When we arrived:

We came to Kenya in August of 2010 with the desire of reaching the Deaf of Kenya for Jesus Christ.  We had in mind three areas of ministry by which we could accomplish this task.  These were:

  1. The planting of Deaf churches
  2. Establishing a Deaf Bible college for the training of leaders among the Deaf
  3. Providing religious instruction in Deaf schools

During the past seven years, God has blessed each of these avenues of ministry.  In addition, He has provided us with several other opportunities to further His work both among the hearing and the Deaf of Kenya.

As of today:

  1. Two hearing churches have Deaf ministries reaching the Deaf in their communities.
  2. Deaf from various parts of Kenya come to the Rift Valley Baptist College for the Deaf three times a year for one week of intensive Bible training.
  3. We are teaching religious instruction in a Deaf high school in Nakuru.
  4. Through one-on-one training, Deaf believers are being taught how to disciple other Deaf.
  5. The Lord has allowed us develop a KSL curriculum and to train sign language interpreters for the Deaf ministries.
  6. Kenyan Sign Language is being taught to the school children at Grace Baptist Academy by former students of the KSL program.
  7. The Lord has opened doors of opportunity for itinerant preaching to Deaf around the country.
    • To a group of Deaf in western Kenya in an area called Nyamira
    • A new opportunity is possibly opening to preach and teach a group of about 70 Deaf in Naivasha, a town halfway between Nairobi and Nakuru.
  8. Leading Karen Baptist Church as missionary pastor.

What Next?

From where we were seven years ago to where we are today, we can echo the sentiment of the hymn writer, Fanny Crosby, when she wrote, “For I know whate’er befall me, Jesus doeth all things well.”   We’ve had the privilege of seeing God work in ways expected and unexpected, miraculous and mysterious.  As the Lord allows, we desire to further the work among the Deaf of Kenya in these areas:

  1.  Continue to develop Deaf leaders through the local church as well as through one-on-one discipleship programs
  2. Further expand the interpreter training program to help equip other churches in various regions of Kenya
  3. Continue ministering to the people of Karen Baptist Church even as we work to strengthen the national leadership of the church and further its ministries
  4. A full-time, year-around, Bible/life-skills college for the Deaf.  After graduating from high school, many Deaf pursue higher education or employment opportunities in various areas of Kenya.  This usually takes them away from the school or church ministry through which we were able to minister the Word of God to them.  If they are unsuccessful in finding employment or a place of training, they often go back to their villages at which point our opportunity to teach them the Word of God likewise comes to an end.  We desire to have a Bible/life-skills college whereby we can not only continue to train them in the Word and work of God, but also help to equip them for the challenges they’ll face as adults in a world becoming more and more complex every day.