Interesting Facts About Kenya

  1. The population of Kenya is over 43 million.

  2. There are 42 tribes in Kenya.

  3. Official languages include Swahili, English, and Kenyan Sign Language.

  4. Kenya’s currency is the shilling.  About 100 shillings are equivocal to one American dollar.

  5. 85% of Kenyans claim to be Christians. The term “Christian” in Kenya, however, has a very broad meaning and encompasses all religions except Islam.

  6. Kenya is divided into northern  and southern regions by the equator and into eastern and western regions by the Great Rift Valley.

  7. Kenya has two rainy seasons and two dry seasons each year.

  8. Greetings are an integral part of Kenyan culture.  To fail to acknowledge someone in greeting is considered to be extremely rude.

  9. The main food in Kenya is “ugali”, which is made from cornmeal and water and comparable to very thick grits.  It is eaten with the fingers and normally used to sop up stew.

  10. Kenya is home to many of the world’s most dangerous animals including the cape buffalo, hippopotamus, lion, and leopard.