Rift Valley Baptist College

In 2011 we began working with the Robert Mickey family.  At that time, the Lord allowed me to take part in another ministry which I enjoy very much.

Pastors from all over Kenya

For two weeks every four months college sessions are held for the Rift Valley Baptist College.  This Bible college, which was started by Bro. Mickey, is a ministry of Grace Bible Baptist Church.  The college sessions are free of charge for the students and coincide with the months of the year in which Kenyan schools close for the term break.  This allows Baptist pastors and lay people from all over Kenya to not only get fed spiritually but also to increase in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible on a regular basis.

The first week of Bible college is for hearing students, and classes are offered in both English and Swahili.  These classes are taught by Bro. Robert Mickey, Bro. Scott Hall, Pastor Justus Oloo, and myself.    Normally, the college hosts between 60-100 students during the week of hearing college.  It has been a blessing for me to be able to work alongside these Godly men in teaching the Word of God to the Kenyan people.  It has also provided me with an invaluable opportunity to meet fellow laborers and to learn more about the cultures, mindsets, and obstacles missionaries and pastors face when working in Kenya.

Teaching KSL to the hearing college students

One of the classes I teach for the hearing students of the college is KSL or Kenyan Sign Language.  In spite of the challenges involved in teaching sign language to such a large class of students, this class has a blessing.  Not only are people from all over Kenya learning how to communicate with the Deaf, but we are also gaining new contacts in the Deaf community as the college students tell me of deaf people whom they know in their own villages.  As the students learn more about Deaf culture and as they become more familiar with sign language, they will have opportunities to build relationships with those deaf people whom they have known all of their lives but whom they have been unable to communicate with prior to this time.  It is our prayer that God will use the Bible college students to reach even more Deaf for His glory.

Bro. Mickey and I with Deaf students

The second week of Bible College is geared mainly for the Deaf, but some of my KSL students also take part in order to enhance their understanding and use of sign language.  During this second week of college I teach the Bible in KSL to Deaf who travel in from various areas in Kenya.  Many of these Deaf do not yet have a full understanding of salvation, so the classes give us yet another opportunity to teach them Biblical truths that many hearing people have been privileged to hear all of their lives.   Some of the Deaf students have trusted Christ either through the college ministry or through the Deaf ministries of Karen Baptist Church and Grace Bible Baptist Church.