Nyamira Deaf Group


Several years ago, God brought a young Deaf man named Dennis to Grace Bible Baptist Church.  Dennis is from an area in western Kenya called Nyamira.  After months of one-on-one discipleship with Dennis about what it means to be saved, Dennis trusted Christ as his Savior.  He was then later baptized at Grace Bible Baptist Church on August 15th, 2016.

In October of 2015 Dennis’ mother suddenly passed away.  Several of my sign language students from Grace Bible Baptist Church went with Dennis and me to her funeral in Nyamira.  We went on that trip not only to be a comfort to Dennis but also to serve as interpreters for him at the funeral.


Nyamira Deaf Group with KSL Students from Nakuru

While there, I met a group of Deaf people from the Nyamira area.  As we conversed in sign language, Dennis told them that I had been teaching him about salvation.  The Nyamira Deaf then explained to me that each week they meet together to have church.  They sing songs and tell Bible stories, but they do not know how to apply those Bible stories to their own lives.  They also know very little about Bible doctrine.  They asked that I come to teach and preach for them.

Because of the logistics of how far away Nyamira is from where we live, I did not immediately commit myself.  I wondered how in the world I would fit another ministry into my already busy schedule, a ministry that would be ten hours round trip from my home.  Their insistence, however, made me realize that I had to try.

Every other month I travel out to Butula to teach and preach for Pastor Ephraim Olusi and his people at Butula Baptist Church.  Butula is a small town that is also in western Kenya about three-and-a-half hours from Nyamira.  Each time that I made that trip, I would preach for Pastor Ephraim on Sunday morning and then drive to Nyamira to preach to the Deaf in the evening.  This continued for several months until the Deaf from Nyamira made their wishes known as only the Deaf can.  After I had finished preaching the message one Sunday night, Richard, who is one of the leaders for the Nyamira group, said, “A little time on Sunday evening is not sufficient.  We want you to come on Sunday morning so we can be well fed.”  Several other Deaf echoed his sentiments.  Needless to say, Nyamira has now become a trip in and of itself!

Since my first trip to Nyamira, several Deaf from there have been attending the Deaf Bible College sessions which are held every four months in Nakuru at Grace Bible Baptist Church.  They have even brought their Deaf friends from other communities with them to Bible college.  What a blessing it has been to teach them the Word of God!

Please pray with us that God will use His Word to guide these souls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Also be praying that as they grow in grace and knowledge, a Deaf church will be established for the glory of God.