Olkeri Baptist Church

Pastor Peter Mbugua and Family

Pastor Peter Mbugua is from an area north of Nairobi called Murang’a.  In 1997 he came to Nairobi in hopes of starting a business.  On one of his return trips to his village, he was led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by a group of evangelists who visited his home.

In 2005, Peter began studying the Bible and training for the ministry at a Baptist college in Limuru, Kenya.  In addition to his studies there, he was able to gain valuable practical training as an assistant pastor.  He graduated from that college in 2008.

During his years in Bible college, God laid a burden on Peter’s heart for his own Kikuyu people.  This burden grew to the point that Peter knew in his heart that God had called him to start a church among them.  His desire was to one day plant a church in the Ngong area, a suburb on the outskirts of Nairobi where many Kikuyu people live.

In 2009 God led Peter and his family to Karen Baptist Church where he again served as an assistant pastor for two years.  Then in November of 2011, Peter along with his wife, Rose, and their four children were sent out of Karen Baptist Church to start a church just outside of Ngong in a rural area called Olkeri.

During that first year, church services were held in a tent.  By early 2012, however, God had not only provided Olkeri Baptist Church with a building but also the land on which the building stood.


Pastor Peter knows and understands well the people of Olkeri.  Many of the people in the area share his tribal heritage.  His wife, Rose, is very active in the community serving as a public school teacher.  Rose has a tremendous burden for the children of her community, many of whom come from homes that have been ravaged by alcohol, drugs, and other vices.

Although Pastor Peter and his family have faced some difficult challenges in the ministry, they have continued to reach out to the people of Olkeri with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Some of the challenges they face in Olkeri are as follows:

  1. There are very few employment opportunities available.
  2. Kenya’s current political instability is affecting the country as a whole and occupying the minds of people.  There is an undercurrent of fear that pervades Kenya right now.
  3. Many people in the area, the men in particular, have rejected the Gospel.  This can be discouraging in terms of witnessing.

Please pray specifically for Peter and his family and Olkeri Baptist Church in regards to these needs:

  1. Pray for the people of Olkeri to be receptive to the Gospel, especially the men of the community.
  2. Pray for this church plant as it continues to work towards and prepare for organization and independence.
  3. Pray for the church as they continue with various building projects.