Butula Baptist Church

Pastor Ephraim Olusi and Family


Pastor Ephraim was born and raised in Butula, a small town in western Kenya not far from Lake Victoria.  In 1997, he left home and came to Nairobi to seek employment.  Little did he know at that time that God was guiding his every step.

In 2000, a Baptist missionary by the name of Larry Stringfield hired Ephraim to work for him, and consequently, a relationship sprang up between the two men.  In time, Bro. Stringfield was able to lead Ephraim to Christ.  Ephraim was then discipled at Hope Baptist Church.

Having a desire in his heart to learn more of God’s Word, Ephraim began taking Bible classes at Ruiru Baptist College in 2005.  He later transferred to Capital City Baptist College where he was able to graduate first with a diploma in 2008.  Three years later he earned his Bible college degree.  As he grew stronger spiritually in his faith, God laid a burden and call on Ephraim’s heart to reach his own people in Butula.

The years during and after his Bible college training were spent at Karen Baptist Church where he gleaned much hands-on training in the work of God.  Serving as an assistant pastor at Karen Baptist Church, Ephraim’s constant focus was in winning souls for Jesus Christ.  His heart bled not only for the lost souls of men in his nation’s capital city, but also for those he grew up with in his home town.  He knew without a doubt that one day God would lead him back to Butula to bring the Gospel to his own people.

In January of 2012, Bro. Ephraim along with his wife, Susan, and their three children took that step of faith and moved back to Butula.  The town of Butula is home mainly to those of the Luyha and Luo tribes.  Just about every religion is present out there, and undoubtedly some that you’ve never heard of as well!

In early 2012, Pastor Ephraim and his family, with financial help and much prayer support from Karen Baptist Church, began holding services for the Butula Baptist Church, first in a store front and later under a tent on their own land.  In 2013 God blessed the people of Butula Baptist Church with their own church building.

Pastor Ephraim and his family continue to face many challenges as they faithfully serve the Lord in Butula.  Below are some specific ways that you can pray for them and for the people of Butula Baptist Church:

Challenges faced by Pastor Ephraim and his family:

  1. Butula is a Catholic stronghold.  Therefore many of those who make professions of faith in Butula remain faithful to the Catholic church because of cultural and familial pressure.
  2. Economically, Butula is a difficult place to live.  The people there have very little and struggle daily to provide what they need from their gardens or limited employment opportunities.
  3. Because of the poverty, many teenage girls are vulnerable to the enticements of men (some much older than the girls) who persuade the girls to sell their bodies in exchange for small “gifts” of money or basic necessities.  Many of these girls become pregnant and never finish their education.  Culturally, a girl who has given birth out of wedlock is often destined to become the third, fourth, or fifth wife for a older man who has the land to support her and her children.
  4. Due to economic pressure, girls from poorer families are likewise married off to an older men who already have multiple wives.
  5. Alcoholism is also a major problem in Butula.
  6. Many of the Christians there fail to see the importance of being faithful to attend church.  Instead, they work in their fields or go to the large market (held on Sundays).

Prayer Requests for Pastor Ephraim and his family:

  1. The education of Pastor Ephraim’s two youngest children.
  2. That Pastor Ephraim and his family can find a permanent home instead of having to rent.
  3. That the people of Butula Baptist Church would have their hearts burdened to reach their community for Christ.